Introduction To Unimaker

UNIMAKER is a platform ran by Ministry of Education (MoE) where Malaysians build future technologies.UNIMAKER focus on disruptive ideas and innovative solutions for the 4th Industrial Revolution (4IR). According to Klaus Schwab, Chairman of the World Economic Forum, the 4IR is a major industrial revolution which synergies the physical, digital and biological world of applications. These applications derived from emerging technology advances in robotics, 3D printing, cloud computing, artificial intelligences and biotechnology, etc. UNIMAKER is the first step of having Maker movement within universities campus environment. This event is designed to bring researchers, innovators & developers from academia and industry, together in one space to ideate next emerging technology.


Physical, digital, biological application


These applications derived from emerging technological advances in robotics, 3D printing, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, biotechnology, etc. .


The impacts of the 4IR have been addressed in diverse areas, ranging from social, education, and healthcare, which leading to potential economic growth of the nations.

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Regional Competition and National Competition

Participates in regional and national competitions

Regional Competition

   Step 1: Registration

   Step 2: Joining Bootcamps

   Step 3: Makeathon

National Competition

   Final Event

   Product Implementation

   Business Model Canvas

   Project Pitch


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  • July 2018
  • 21 - 22 July

    Northen Region Bootcamp

    Venue :Univesiti Sains Malaysia (USM)

  • September 2018
  • 14 - 15 September / 20 - 21 September

    Southen Region Bootcamp

    Venue :Univesiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM)

  • 22 September

    Northen Region Makeathon

    Venue :Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM)

  • 22 - 23 September

    Central Region Bootcamp

    Venue :Universiti Malaya (UM)

  • October 2018
  • 6 October

    Central Region Makeathon

    Venue :Universiti Malaya (UM)

  • 7 October

    Eastern Region Makeathon

    Venue :Universiti Sultan Zainal Abidin (UNiSZA)

  • 28 October

    Southern Region Makeathon

    Venue :Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM)

  • November 2018
  • 23 - 24 November

    National Makeathon (Final)


Regional Competition prizes

   Winner will get cash, certificate and trophy

   1st Place = RM 15 000

   2nd Place = RM 8 500

   3rd Place = RM 7 000

   4th Place = RM 4 000

   5th Place = RM 3 000

National Competition prizes

   Winner will get cash, certificate and trophy


   1st Place = RM 80 000

   2nd Place = RM 50 000

   3rd Place = RM 20 000


  • Rules And Regulation
  • Rules And Regulation 1

    Each individual should register individually and is only permitted to register in one team at the Ideation Stage. The team will be formed before/during bootcamp at the Ideation stage, before the hackaton. Each team must consist of a maximum 4 person per team (minimum 2 person) from the same university.

  • Rules And Regulation 2

    The team leader will be responsible for submitting his/her team members’ participation details by the end of the Bootcamp (20 August 2018), 23:59hrs (GMT +8)

  • Rules And Regulation 3

    All team members must appear in person on-site at the venue by registration time on the first day of the event, must be present throughout the event, and is compulsory to pay a commitment fee of RM50 PER INDIVIDUAL at the Regional level. Failure to do so may result in disqualification for the entire team. The commitment fee will be returned to the student participants at the end of the regional competition.

  • Rules And Regulation 4

    Any harassment, including racism, sexism or any other form of discrimination, is strictly not tolerated. Any complaints would be seriously addressed and might result it the team being suspended.

  • Rules And Regulation 5

    Teams that do not address the substance of the challenge will be disqualified.

  • Rules And Regulation 6

    The organiser shall not be responsible for entries that are lost or contain corrupted data due to whatever reasons.

  • Rules And Regulation 7

    All submission(s) must be original work. Any form of plagiarism or copying is not allowed. All submission(s) must be new. Any work that has been submitted for other competitions (whether in Malaysia or overseas) or has been used for commercial purposes and/or has been published in any media will not be accepted.

  • Rules And Regulation 8

    To ensure all teams start on equal footing, we ask that all codes, graphics, sound and other assets be created during the event, although teams will be allowed to plan and create basic designs and layouts ahead of the event.

  • Rules And Regulation 9

    Usage of public domain images or any materials with Creative Commons licensing is strictly not allowed. Usage of ‘open source’ must be disclose, failure to do so may result in the entire team being disqualified.

  • Rules And Regulation 10

    Product/idea produced during finals must be an upgrade/continuation of the /prototype won during zone level.


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Challenge And Information


Actuator & Robotics

3D Printing

Wearable Technology



Genetic Editing

Personalized Medication



Virtual & Augmented Reality

Cloud Computing